The new PMVA menu at the service of office efficiency


Do you need help advertising a property? What about organizing inspections or onboarding a new tenant?

Property administration and outsourcing expert PMVA can not only help you with all this and more, they have launched a new online menu that makes it easier than ever to get the support your agency needs.

The company has helped hundreds of Australian property businesses streamline their office systems and processes, reduce costs and improve service delivery.

“We spent three months improving and streamlining our menu so our customers could find everything they need to run a real estate business in one easy-to-use location,” said the company’s founder, Tiffany Bowtell.

PMVA – Property Management Virtual Assistant – pioneered the outsourcing of office tasks to its team of human virtual assistants in the corporate office in the Philippines. They work in real time to support real estate staff on the ground in Australia.

“There are now approximately 200 tasks that can be handled by our VAs in the new menu, broken down into seven categories,” Ms. Bowtell said.

“They cover all the administrative tasks real estate professionals need to simplify their working day.

“We have a category for letting specialists, who handle tasks ranging from advertising a property to arranging inspections, handling applications and onboarding a new tenant.

“Another handles all eventualities for property management, from inspections to renewals and releasing tenants. The sales and marketing category handles everything from social media and brochures to booking a photographer. »

There are also categories for lead generation, fiduciary accounting, and sales administration.

“We’ve integrated the process of the software you’re using into the staff, with VAs providing a human touch,” Ms. Bowtell said.

Using VAs gives field staff more time to perform their core functions of managing rental properties and listing and selling homes, Bowtell said.

Every task that a human virtual assistant can handle for an Australian real estate agency is now defined in an easy to understand menu.

“Think of it like your experience at McDonald’s,” Ms. Bowtell said.

“You can customize your order on screen and now you also know the ingredients needed, the Big Mac preparation time and the cooking time.

“And you can compare that with the performance of other restaurants across the country.

“From the moment a client selects the work they want the VA to do for them, to the training and KPIs that need to be achieved, every step of the process is benchmarked against your peers.

“The result is consistent service delivery at an affordable cost.”

An efficient, best-practice office is essential as the real estate cycle slows, Ms. Bowtell said.

“Outsourcing is about redistributing labor to make sure you’re maximizing every resource,” she said.

“Real estate agencies are reducing their operating costs and the staff on the ground here feel more valued.”


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