Support for district attorney’s family sets new national record


The national rankings for the 2021 federal fiscal year have just been released and Nevada’s child support program is now ranked 7th in the nation among all states and territories. Over the past few years, Nevada has consistently held a spot in the nation’s top ten and topped each of the five federal performance measures. The program set a new record for child support, climbing two places to its current rank of 7th.

The Clark County Division of Family Support (DAFS) is responsible for 59% of the Nevada Child Support Enforcement Program caseload, handling more than 45,000 cases. In the 2021 federal fiscal year, DAFS raised an impressive $87,142,908.00.

“I salute the tireless efforts of our DAFS division,” District Attorney Steve Wolfson said. “They continue to ensure that children in Clark County and beyond receive the support they need and deserve. This ranking is a direct reflection of their commitment to improving the lives of children and families.

DA Family Support is one of four divisions of the District Attorney’s Office and has over 300 dedicated staff. DAFS employees make up nearly half of the District Attorney’s office staff.

“This past year has been an opportunity to extend best practices and implement innovative strategies. We have extended client service hours, improved client participation in court hearings through remote appearances, and strengthened outreach partners to ensure parents have access to employment resources,” said the director. from DAFS, Karen Cliffe.

The national ranking takes into account five different categories: establishment of authorship, order rate, current support, arrears and profitability. In addition to its excellent overall ranking, Nevada is also ranked 3rd in the nation for establishing paternity.



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