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(Shenandoah) – Schools in Shenandoah took a prominent commercial position in the district on Monday night.

Meeting in regular session Monday night, the Shenandoah School Board approved a contract with William Barrett, pending final publication, to serve as the new school affairs officer for the district. Shenandoah Superintendent Dr Kerri Nelson told KMA News the post works alongside him to help manage all district finances and other accounting processes. Nelson says the post became vacant after a familiar face decided to step down.

“The position became open because Sherri Ruzek resigned from the district, and she’s been with us for a long time, but they are moving closer to the Ankeny area,” Nelson said. “So that created an opening that we advertised for and went through several stages to fill the position. “

Nelson says Barrett brings a wealth of knowledge to the position, including experience as the school affairs officer for the Hamburg and Essex school districts.

However, Nelson says Barrett also brings various educational and business experiences.

“He will bring a lot of credibility with him, he did a great job in his previous area of ​​banking, technology and actually at Iowa Western as a professor,” Nelson said. “So be brings with him a lot of teaching spirit, but also great skills that we need to manage the finances of the district.”

While awaiting his final release, Barrett’s contract includes a salary of $ 98,700, and Nelson says Barrett also brings certification that can be difficult to obtain in the workforce.

“He currently holds a license as an officer in school affairs in the state of Iowa, it’s a special license that requires some accounting hours in your training and a few hours on the job,” Nelson said. . “But then there’s also a two-year academy that people have to go through to get that license. So having someone with experience and license coming into your district is a really nice piece to bring along. him.”

Nelson says that while the district waits to hear about Barrett’s release from her previous position, she says they are planning a start date in late January.

In other business, the board used Monday’s meeting to switch to the newly elected school board after the Nov. 2 election. Jean Fichter and Adam Van Der Vliet were both re-elected, and Clint Wooten was elected in the third open position. Fichter was elected chairman and Van Der Vliet was elected vice chairman by the members of the board of directors.

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