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Handicap International/Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is an independent and impartial international solidarity organization which intervenes in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflicts and disasters. Alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, it acts and speaks out to meet their basic needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights. More information: HI is committed to an employment policy in favor of people with disabilities.


Handicap International’s operations in Iraq: In Iraq, HI has been registered and operational in the Kurdish Region of Iraq (KRI) since 1991, implementing development programs in the governorates of Dohuk, Erbil, Sulaymaniya and Halabja, in order to defend the rights of people with disabilities and improve their access to services by supporting Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs). Since 2014, HI has intensified its intervention in Iraq to meet the humanitarian needs generated by the takeover of territory by the IS group, the military operations that followed and the general displacement of Iraqi populations. HI has become a main implementing agency in the emergency response in the health and protection sectors, operating in the governorates of Nineveh, Kirkuk, Baghdad, Anbar and Basra. More recently, additional activities have been implemented in Basra and Anbar.

The overall goal of HI’s programming in Iraq is to increase access to services and resources for specialized needs and conflict-affected communities; an objective achieved thanks to an operational framework of three central pillars:

  1. Health: Support specialized physical and functional rehabilitation services; Capacity development of health personnel skills; support the strengthening of rehabilitation systems; move towards a community-based rehabilitation approach
  2. Protection: Land release; survey and demining; MHPSS support; Explosives risk education through outreach and community engagement; Victim assistance data management, referral and advocacy; community awareness and stigma reduction
  3. Social inclusion: Economic inclusion; Governance with DPO engagement; Access to services

These pillars are complemented by three cross-cutting themes: a comprehensive approach to mine action, integrated inclusion and conflict sensitivity.

HI currently has a country coordination office in Erbil and field bases in Mosul, Kirkuk and Baghdad and sub-bases in Ramadi and Sinnuni.


Under the responsibility of the rehabilitation specialist in Iraq and in close collaboration with the project teams, the technical officer contributes to the implementation of the mandate and the rehabilitation strategy of Humanity & Inclusion in Iraq. They contribute to the implementation of projects by providing their technical expertise in rehabilitation and by ensuring that the quality and impact of the project are optimized. In addition to this, they represent the HI Iraq Mission and its strategy, approach and rehabilitation activities to external actors, in particular the Directorate of Health and international and local NGOs.

Currently, specific activities include: assessment of existing rehabilitation facilities to tailor capacity building activities to their specific needs; planning and implementing technical training and on-the-job coaching; support to experienced DoH staff on developing supervision and training capabilities within their teams; increase engagement with civil society organizations, including disabled people’s organizations, to support awareness and access to rehabilitation services in their region.

The Rehabilitation Technical Officer contributes to the implementation of needs assessment, training, support and coaching in the field of rehabilitation within the larger framework of the VA project. This can be done through direct implementation, technical advice and the development of resources to support planned and existing activities. The role has a particular focus on developing the capacity of pre-existing government rehabilitation centers and strengthening referral pathways to these centres. The position will include close collaboration with: the technical unit team; especially rehabilitation and MHPSS specialists; Project Managers and Agents, Operations Coordinator, MEAL Team and Support Services Managers.

Responsibility 1: You support and technically support projects in compliance with general technical guidelines and rehabilitation sector standards

  1. Provides appropriate rehabilitation technical advice and support to Project Managers and field staff in conjunction with the Rehabilitation Specialist
  2. Ensures that project activities are implemented according to internal quality and technical standards and proposes adjustments or improvements if necessary
  3. Adapts project documentation as needed in accordance with global rehabilitation technical norms and standards, including the International Classification of Functioning and the Human Development Model
  4. Contributes to the regular reporting of rehabilitation activities (collection and analysis of technical data collected) in conjunction with the project team and the MEAL team
  5. If necessary, ensures the coordination and collaboration with the technical partners of the project on delegation of the specialist or the project manager
  6. Supports capacity development of national rehabilitation staff through assessments, mentoring and training

Responsibility 2: You ensure the technical learning of the projects

  1. Collects the elements necessary for any planned capitalization or scientific documentation exercise
  2. Provides reports and reflections on all training sessions that are implemented, to contribute to technical learning
  3. Contributes to the technical learning of rehabilitation under the responsibility of the specialist on the basis of good practices
  4. Contributes to terms of reference for evaluations
  5. Implements recommendations to improve the technical quality of project rehabilitation components

Responsibility 3: You contribute to the animation of the rehabilitation sector

  1. Contribute to recruitment
  2. Contributes to or directs technical training necessary for rehabilitation
  3. Contributes to the skills upgrading plan for rehabilitation professionals
  4. Can contribute to the development of a local pool of rehabilitation talent within its sectoral scope. This could include identifying and building the capacity of current and future rehabilitation trainers
  5. Contribute to other reports and documentation as requested
  6. Provides input to support the development of the Mission’s next operational strategy in collaboration with the Rehabilitation Specialist

Responsibility 4: You contribute to ensuring the technical influence of HI on your perimeter

  1. Contributes to the influence of HI’s expertise: can represent HI’s technical expertise in the local networks concerned and with local partners under the direction of the rehabilitation specialist
  2. Contributes to strengthening referral pathways to existing rehabilitation services


  • You have a degree in Physiotherapy
  • You have at least 2 years of clinical experience in physiotherapy, including experience in the key areas of neurology, orthopedics and musculoskeletal
  • You have experience as an adult trainer in the field of rehabilitation
  • You demonstrate strong communication and organizational skills as well as intercultural skills
  • You speak English and Arabic


The expatriate will be based in Erbil, with trips to the other governorates of intervention: Nineveh, Kirkuk, Dyala, Anbar, Baghdad. Accommodation will be in a shared guesthouse.

Movement in the Kurdistan region of Iraq is relatively free. Travel within federal Iraq is subject to strict security restrictions and a curfew; however, there are limited opportunities for recreation, eg restaurants, hotels. The situation in Baghdad remains fragile with persistent threats and tight security measures. The candidate will have to travel for 2/3 of the time of the deployment.


At HI, the conditions offered are commensurate with your commitment and adapted to the context of your mission.

  • 3-month international contract from June 2022
  • The international contract offers you social security coverage adapted to your situation:
    • Unemployment insurance benefits for EU nationals
    • Pension plan adapted to the situation of our employees: If you already have a personal pension plan, HI will contribute up to your monthly personal contribution with a maximum of €272.53/month; If you do not have a personal pension plan, we will open a private pension account with your contribution of €272.53/month and an HI contribution of the same amount
    • Medical coverage with 50% of employee contribution
    • Repatriation insurance paid by HI
  • Salary from 2270 € gross/month depending on experience
  • Perdiem: 569 € net/month – paid on the ground
  • Paid leave: 25 days per year;
  • R&R: 5 days every 3 months
  • Unaccompanied post
      • Payment of travel expenses (plane ticket & visa) and transport of your personal effects (from 12 months of assignment) – Assignment of more than 12 months: a family allowance of €100 per month, per child (from the second child) paid in the field
  • Lodging: Collective supported by HI

If you live in the country: local plan

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