NextGen Healthcare Announces Results of 2021 Annual Meeting



ATLANTA – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – NextGen Healthcare, Inc. (Nasdaq: NXGN), a leading provider of ambulatory technology solutions, today announced that at today’s annual meeting, shareholders of NextGen Healthcare have approved :

  • The reincorporation of NextGen Healthcare in Delaware

  • Elimination of cumulative voting in the election of directors

  • The election of the nine directors of the Company who are candidates for the Board of Directors, consisting of Craig A. Barbarosh, George H. Bristol, Darnell Dent, Julie D. Klapstein, Jeffrey H. Margolis, Dr. Geraldine McGinty, Morris Panner, Dr Pamela Puryear and David Sides

  • The ratification of the appointment of the independent registered accounting firm

  • Amendment and restatement of the 2015 action plan of NextGen Healthcare

NextGen Healthcare has released the following statement:

The Board of Directors and management of NexGen Healthcare thank our shareholders for their support. We are delighted to welcome our new directors.

We appreciate the views that stakeholders have shared throughout this process. During our conversations, shareholders recognized the many strengths of the company, including NextGen Healthcare’s winning platform, its talented and dedicated employees, and the benefits our services and solutions provide to healthcare providers and consumers. consumers across the country. Like us, shareholders see opportunities to further accelerate growth and value creation, and we are committed to doing so. The Board of Directors and management look forward to continuing the dialogue with our shareholders over the next year.

With the Annual Meeting behind us, we now turn our full attention to the business. The success of our customers is the key to ours. Our goal remains to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions that allow providers to engage with patients more effectively and efficiently.

We look to the future with confidence, knowing that we have a solid operational and financial foundation from which to build and support NextGen Healthcare’s continued leadership in the market.

The company’s board of directors added:

We thank Sheldon Razin for his many contributions and dedication to NextGen Healthcare since its founding almost 50 years ago. Sheldon is the major shareholder of the company. He will always be recognized as Founder and Chairman Emeritus of NextGen Healthcare.

With the director appointments announced today, NextGen Healthcare’s board of directors consists of eight independent directors and the new CEO of the company. Five of the nine directors are new to the board in the past four years and advance the board’s diversity in terms of race, gender, age and tenure. Collectively, the directors of the board bring decades of highly relevant experience across vendors, health insurance, life sciences and enterprise software to drive strategic execution and performance and growth of first order.

At the meeting, shareholders also approved the proposal for an exclusive forum for intra-company claims, the proposal to select the forum for securities claims and the adoption of proxy access. At the meeting, the shareholders did not approve the advisory proposal on executive compensation, the proposal to increase the threshold required for shareholders to call an extraordinary meeting from 10% to 15%, the proposal to board to fill only vacancies on the board and the proposal to give the board exclusive power to set the size of the board.

The Company will file the voting results for all proposals on a Form 8-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission within four business days.

About NextGen Healthcare, Inc.

NextGen Healthcare, Inc. (Nasdaq: NXGN) is a leading provider of outpatient-focused technology solutions. We empower the transformation of ambulatory care by partnering with medical, behavioral and dental providers on their journey to value-based care to improve health care for all. We go beyond DSE and PM. Our integrated solutions help increase clinical productivity, enrich the patient experience and ensure healthy financial results. We believe in better. Learn more about, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram.

Forward-looking statements

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