Managing Director, now Account Manager, Wendy Hay begins a new career after 26 years at GT Tires

Longtime colleagues Gary Black (left) and George Cameron will miss Wendy… and her mother’s cooking

THE general manager of a local company leaves to start a new career after nearly three decades at Forres.

Wendy Hay (49), from Lhanbryde, started at GT Tires in the Greshop industrial estate in 1996 as an office assistant, moving on to office manager and then her current role in the following decades.

However, Wendy thinks it’s time to start afresh, even though she left her beloved co-workers behind.

She said: “I have enjoyed working with our small team over the years, especially Shop Manager George Cameron and Agricultural Tire Technician Gary Black. Gary and I have worked together since day one while George has worked here for 17 years. We’re like family – we have good days and bad days, but teamwork makes the dream work!

George explained that he, Wendy and Gary have worked together since his arrival in 2005.

He said: “We have been through a lot and achieved great things.

“Wendy is an honest, dedicated and hardworking friend. She will be greatly missed…as will her mother’s homemade soup and pastries!

“I wish him all the best in his new chapter.”

GT Tires offers a wide selection of choices for most vehicles – staff offer expert advice and fittings. The company formerly had depots in Keith and Huntly, as well as Forres.

“It wasn’t uncommon for us to work all three in the same day,” Wendy said. “There have been a lot of changes over the years. In 2013 the Keith depot was closed and in 2017 Huntly. All staff transferred to Forres.

Wendy confirmed that GT customers are another reason she has been with the company for so long.

She said: “A lot are from outside Forres but most are part of the family! I have watched them come to the depot with their families for years and watched their children grow. It’s good to chat and laugh with them.

“Some customers even drop by just to say hello – it’s adorable! I will stay in contact with everyone.

Wendy’s family connection to Forres meant she was almost destined to work here, despite being on the other side of Elgin.

She explained: “My mother was raised with her family in Logie. Later, my grandmother and grandfather moved to Forres, so I spent school holidays here.

“I didn’t know I would be going back and forth for over 25 years!”

Wendy is the new Accounts Administrator at Alan Milne, Elgin, less than three miles from her home.

She added: “I have always said that I would like to work closer to home.

“I’m proud of my accomplishments at GT Tires given that it’s a male-centric environment – but it’s time for a change.”


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