How to Find Unclaimed Money in Massachusetts


(WWLP) – The Massachusetts Treasurer’s Office says one in ten Massachusetts residents have unclaimed money.

The Treasury currently holds more than $3.4 billion in unclaimed property, including forgotten savings and checking accounts, uncashed checks, insurance policy proceeds, stocks, dividends and the contents of unattended safes.

Search for unclaimed property in your name on or call the live call center at 888-344-MASS (6277).

“I checked my name and found money on” said Kelly. “Once I found some money for myself, I started checking in on my family and friends…even my co-workers! I also found money for them! With this “found” money, we ordered takeout from a local restaurant. I didn’t have to cook and we helped a struggling restaurant in our town.

There were over 113,000 claims processed in 2021 with over $174 million in cash and securities to its rightful owners. The Treasury says most accounts are considered abandoned and are returned to the state after three years of inactivity.

“Take a minute on Unclaimed Property Day to check your name as Kelly,” said state treasurer Deborah B. Goldberg. “Our team is ready to guide you through the claims process.”


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