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Looking for an accounting job where you can interact with a wide variety of clients, gain a foothold in the ever-expanding tech market, and enjoy the benefits of a startup lifestyle without the fear of work for an unstable company?

If this sounds appealing to you, FloQast may have a position for you. The company is looking to hire an accounting technology consultant for its office in Sherman Oaks, California.

FloQast is close management software designed by accountants for accountants and is increasingly popular in accounting departments across all industries.

We spoke to Lilith Karageuzian, Client Success Manager at FloQast, as well as two current senior accounting technology consultants, Alex Nordin and Debbie Byrne, to get a full overview of this opportunity.

A senior what now?

The work you will do in the Customer Success team will push your accounting and communication skills to exciting and unexpected places.

As an Accounting Technology Consultant, you will join the small but growing FloQast setup team. You will work with controllers, accountants and CFOs from a wide variety of industries, from professional sports teams to real estate to technology. You will help these accounting professionals identify their needs and develop a plan to integrate the FloQast application into their existing accounting systems.

“Since we are a small team, you will have the chance to determine where we are going and what we want to work on. You can have a big impact on the business, ”says Nordin.

You will then train customers to use the system, answer their questions, and resolve any issues that arise during the installation process. Once the setup is complete, you transfer the client to the account management team, which will take care of ongoing maintenance, retention, and upselling.

“We are the primary users of FloQast,” says Nordin. “We need to understand the customer’s environment and show them how they will use FloQast to complete their process. It is therefore important to have accounting knowledge and knowledge of FloQast.

However, knowledge of FloQast software is not a prerequisite for obtaining the position. You will need general technical skills, but if you are willing and eager to learn, your teammates and managers will work with you so that you can master the software quickly.

Start-up lifestyle in an established business

FloQast has been around for five years, and at its current level of growth and development, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. But while it offers the stability and prestige of an established business, FloQast prides itself on maintaining the flexibilities of the startup culture.

“We have a startup lifestyle; However, we don’t have the initial risks of most startups, ”Byrne says. “We are growing at a steady pace and I am confident in the direction we are taking. “

Working at FloQast also gives you the opportunity to influence the shape and trajectory of the business in ways that you might not be able to do in other businesses.

“We have a constantly evolving process in place,” says Karageuzian. “Our employees can create change and new ideas are encouraged.”

And like any good startup, it doesn’t have a strict dress code and is light on formalities.

“We have an open workspace. If you are looking for that startup vibe, this is definitely a good choice, ”says Nordin.

Trace your own career

The role of an accounting technology consultant exposes you to many different industries, introducing you to each other’s challenges and language. You can use the knowledge you gain and the contacts you make in this job to send your career down just about any path you want it to follow.

“Three years ago, what I did at FloQast is totally different from what I do now,” says Karageuzian. “I was able to build my career as I wanted in a company in which I believe.

If you’re on a strict, level-by-level promotion schedule, as you’ll find at Big 4, this job might not be for you. But if you’re someone who wants to chart your own course, this is a great role to get you out of the rigors of public accounting.

“I’m making the joke that I wasted my 20s against the Big 4,” Byrne says. “Now I’m done with the 80-hour workweek and all the mundane tasks that come with public accounting. But I can still keep the prestige of my CPA license.

Helping people

Perhaps the biggest advantage of being an Accounting Technology Consultant at FloQast over traditional accounting work is that you are helping real people, not just their books.

“Customers love to hear from us. They contact us to help them with questions all the time. You are helping people rather than in the accounting or auditing world where you bother them for audit assistance, ”Karageuzian explains.

Interact with customers from virtually every industry. Live the startup lifestyle without the startup risks. Gain the flexibility to send your career down a variety of paths. And really help people instead of just their balance sheets.

If those last few sentences sound like the qualities of your ideal job, click on the link below to apply now for the position of Accounting Technology Consultant at FloQast.

Apply for the position of Accounting Technology Consultant at FloQast

Understand what FloQast can do for your fence in a minute. You can read more about Going Concern’s partnership with FloQast here.

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