Enrollment Grows for Third Year at Bluffton | Community



BLUFFTON – For the third year in a row, enrollments at Bluffton University continue to increase. A large incoming freshman class combined with successful retention efforts and growth in graduate and adult enrollment represents an increase of 49 students from 2020-2021 enrollments.

Bluffton’s freshman class has 242 students, which is the largest freshman class since the class of 250 in 2011. The grade point average for the class is also higher, and applications are also at an all-time high, while like acceptances, credit going to the Bluffton test. flexible option.

“The 2021 recruiting cycle was filled with a lot of uncertainties, but one thing is certain: students want to come to Bluffton. We believe our extra efforts to ‘do college’ safely and successfully in person and on campus over the past year have shown high school students that a thriving college experience in the midst of a pandemic is possible ” said Robin Bowlus, vice president of enrollment advancement and management. .

The total number of full-time enrollments of 774, which includes adult studies and graduate studies, has increased by 55 students in the past three years. Transfer enrollment was stable with 20 students, but COVID continues to be a barrier for international student enrollment.

Bluffton’s adult and graduate programs have seen an increase in enrollment thanks to corporate and education partner programs.

Located on a 65-acre residential campus, Bluffton offers 90 major, minor and interdisciplinary programs for undergraduates, including nationally accredited programs in dietetics, education, music, and social work.

Opportunities for working adults include accounting, business management, BSN registered nursing, and social work programs, as well as graduate programs in business administration, education, and organizational management.



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