By introducing forty-year depreciation, the Canadian government can fight inflation and stop a real estate crash!


TORONTO, October 12, 2022 /CNW/ – Alex Haditaghi, Founder of Radius Financial ( and one of from Canada prominent mortgage and fintech industry leaders recently issued a warning that the Canadian real estate market will experience a major correction of up to 30%, risking $1.7 trillion fairness, unless the Canadian government responds immediately and makes urgent policy changes.

Overall, he believes the Canadian real estate market is healthy and strong, with good fundamentals. Mr. Haditaghi points to from Canada high demand and low supply for housing, labor shortages and rising wages in the labor market, low national unemployment rate and high demand for immigration as drivers.

However, he warns that public feelings and concerns about the housing market – fueled by sensational media headlines and ill-informed economic pundits – will create a self-fulfilling prophecy if the government does not take action. urgency to protect Canadians’ largest asset class.

Mr Haditaghi believes the solution is simple and argues that the government should introduce 40-year amortization and thus allow homeowners with existing mortgages to renew their mortgages for up to 40 years of amortization. He believes that this is the only solution that will allow the Canadian government to fight inflation, without collapsing the Canadian housing market and without irreparably damaging the balance sheets, credit and household net worth of ordinary Canadians. of road.

Noting that seventy-eight percent of Canadians currently have a mortgage with an interest rate below 3.0%, Haditaghi explains how recent interest rate hikes are putting enormous pressure on Canadian households. He says homeowners and the real estate market will feel the brunt of this jarring payment increase for at least the next five years, especially for Canadian households who are already under pressure from the rapidly rising cost of living and relentless inflation.

He goes on to explain the urgency of acting quickly to avoid this outcome, noting the fact that 95% of Canadian mortgage holders have mortgages that renew their terms every six months to five years. If the government doesn’t act before Canadians need to renew their mortgages at the current high rates, Haditaghi warns homeowners will crumble under the weight of unaffordable mortgage payments and runaway inflation. a few months here.

He predicts that Canadian workers will have no choice but to put their homes up for sale well below what they owe banks and mortgage companies. This, in turn, would also hurt CMHC, other insurance companies, banks and trust companies, which would face mountains of claims and bad mortgages!

Mr. Haditaghi points out that if the government does not act quickly, Canada will experience a “catastrophic” real estate crash, wiping out the home equity and retirement savings of millions of Canadians across the country.

Alex Haditaghi’s full opinion piece and proposed solutions can be found here:

About Alex Haditaghi

Alex Haditaghi is a serial entrepreneur in the financial services and technology industry. He is the founder and chairman of Radius Financial ( ) from Canada #1 rated mortgage lender in 2021 and 2022. He worked in from Canada residential and commercial mortgage industry since 2001 and its companies have originated, processed or loaned over $45 billion in mortgages ever since. He is co-founder and past president of Mortgage Architects, Lending Tree Canada and

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