Bentley Systems’ infrastructure digital twins now have built-in life cycle assessment and carbon calculation capabilities


Bentley Systems, Inc., announced the availability of integrated Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) workflows and carbon calculation capabilities incorporated into the Bentley iTwin platform to support project sustainability goals infrastructure. This integration is the result of Bentley’s collaboration with One Click LCA Ltd., the world leader in life cycle assessment and environmental product declaration software for the construction industry. The software can be used for buildings, infrastructure, renovations, building products and materials, and portfolios. The One Click LCA platform is used in over 100 countries by manufacturers, consultants, designers, contractors and investors to decarbonize the entire construction value chain.

This partnership is a natural step in Bentley’s strategy to empower its users to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly around climate action and infrastructure decarbonization. Infrastructure digital twin solutions will be a key enabler and accelerator of carbon transparency and disclosure use cases, and the adoption of digital twin solutions will help accelerate infrastructure performance transformation. .

With this integration, Bentley’s infrastructure digital twin solutions powered by iTwin and third-party applications built on the Bentley iTwin platform can unlock infrastructure lifecycle assessment workflows. The Bentley iTwin Platform is an open, scalable platform-as-a-service offering that enables an ecosystem of developers to build and bring to market solutions that solve real infrastructure problems by leveraging digital twins.

Kaustubh Page, Director of Product Management, Bentley iTwin Platform, said: “We are delighted to see the developers of the Bentley iTwin platform ecosystem meeting the challenges of sustainability and reducing emissions. of carbon. Monitoring the environmental impact of an infrastructure project involves a constant stream of design changes from various engineering disciplines. By unifying these data streams, users can quickly create a quantity report at the right level of aggregation required for LCA calculations while reducing the life cycle assessment workflow from weeks to hours. We are excited to see engineering companies creating fully automated lifecycle assessment workflows for their infrastructure projects. »

Sustainability designers and engineers spend a lot of time assessing or reporting on the environmental footprint of infrastructure projects. With multiple design tools used in these projects, a typical life cycle analysis can be time consuming, especially when manually exporting and aggregating data from BOMs and BOMs. It can also be error-prone, requiring additional verification of successful ingestion by ACL tools.

One Click LCA integration saves time and improves accuracy. Users can integrate engineering data created by various design tools into a single view using the Bentley iTwin platform, generate a unified report of materials and quantities and share it with One Click LCA via synchronization cloud. This integration gives users the ability to analyze environmental footprints, expedite environmental reporting, make project option choices, and optimize material and product selection.

Rodrigo Fernandes, ES(D)G Director (Making Sustainable Development Goals Accountable), said: “Infrastructure engineers are at the forefront of disrupting climate change. And our collective awareness is that climate change and its effects will not be solved without strong collaboration and ecosystem partnerships. One Click LCA can actively contribute by helping our users accelerate their low carbon trajectories – by adopting low carbon materials and products, minimizing resource consumption and optimizing structural design – in all types infrastructure, not just vertical infrastructure.

With the ability to integrate life cycle assessment workflows into the Bentley iTwin platform, users will benefit from new opportunities for environmental intelligence around the carbon and environmental footprints of linear infrastructure projects.

Panu Pasanen, CEO of One Click LCA Ltd., said, “We are very pleased to be working with Bentley Systems to automate carbon accounting and reduction using the Bentley iTwin platform. Bentley’s focus on civil engineering and infrastructure with this integration finally makes automated life cycle analysis a reality also for public works. This partnership enables infrastructure designers and contractors, as well as contracting authorities anywhere in the world, to coordinate, calculate and reduce the carbon and other environmental impacts of their projects. The speed and ease of automation will also be greatly appreciated by projects pursuing third-party environmental certifications, such as PAS 2080, CEEQUAL, Envision, LEED and BREEAM or regulatory tools. We continue to work with Bentley to develop further innovations in this area, such as circularity assessment tools.

Kelvin Saldanha, Partner at WSP, said: “iTwin has quickly become an indispensable platform on some of our biggest projects. This made our federated models even more accessible and brought a new simplicity to multidisciplinary coordination, enabling more robust design reviews, clash detection, and problem resolution. The integration between iTwin and One Click LCA can be a game-changer by bringing unprecedented efficiency to our carbon calculation and life cycle analysis workflows. We are excited to see iTwin services continue to evolve and look forward to seeing how this will bring us closer to achieving WSP’s Net Zero ambitions.


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