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Are you looking for opportunities for quick and discreet money? Have you already thought of the possibility of a car deposit loan at your car pawn shop in Switzerland? Through the service of your competent partner, you can receive cash loans quickly, reliably and discreetly.

The principle: The pawn value of the pawn is handed over to you when you hand it over and the pawn is kept securely at your pawn shop in Switzerland for the agreed period until the money you need to buy it back is available in liquid form. Which valuables are depends on what you own. Gold, jewelry and watches are the best-known loan items. But there is still one option that very few people think of: the car, motorcycle, camper or classic car.


Car pawn loan as an opportunity to bridge financial bottlenecks in your car pawn shop

Car loan

In many cases, your own car or company car represents a great financial value. In contrast to small objects and real estate, the car is often valuable and liquid enough to bridge financial difficulties and liquidity bottlenecks with its collateral value. Selling small items is usually tedious and time-consuming, whereas selling larger items such as real estate often involves a long process, which cannot always be waited for to be completed. In this respect, the auto deposit loan offers an optimal opportunity to bridge financial bottlenecks.

How does that work at the Swiss car pawnshop? Quite simply: In just three steps you have the money on hand with which you can bridge bottlenecks or make investments.


The three “C’s” for a car deposit loan

deposit loan

Cash instead of a car? This often offers the best opportunity to pay bills. The good thing is: the car is not gone, it is only kept safe until you have the money you need to redeem the car.

The process from car to cash at the car pawnshop is divided into three steps:


Do you need a loan quickly and discreetly and are you in possession of a private car, motorcycle or company car, which is wholly owned by you and has a value of more than USD 6000? Then contact your Swiss pawn shop either online, by email or by fax.

In a first exchange, tell us the exact details of the car you want to mortgage. This concerns information about the model, the year of construction, the mileage and the general condition. We record the data and calculate the value of your vehicle based on the data.


We offer a loan amount based on the calculated value of the vehicle. The maximum loan amount is based on the estimate of the vehicle value and is usually 50-70% of it. As soon as you give your OK to our proposal, it becomes concrete: We make an appointment for the handover. Depending on the urgency, the meeting can take place on working days within 24 hours.


At a personal meeting, we check the condition of the vehicle and discuss and explain the details of the loan to you. For security reasons, it is necessary that we also check your identity. For this reason, we ask our customers to bring a valid ID with them to the appointment. We also need the train pass, the service booklet and all the keys. In return, you will receive the agreed credit in cash or we will transfer the amount to an account you have specified.

During the credit period, the vehicle is safely parked so that you can get it back in the condition that you brought the vehicle to the Swiss car pawnshop.


Take precautions

credit loan

Our goal is to support our customers during financial constraints and to enable investments. The deposit principle has proven itself for a long time and not without reason: everyone knows short-term costs that were not anticipated in advance – be it due to health problems, delayed sales or one-off and short-term investment opportunities.

But we also know that everyone likes their vehicle and it would be a shame to sell the car they loved quickly and badly at a loss, especially if they would like to have this vehicle again later. For this reason, the Funhouse Finance offers you credit flexibility. The originally agreed contract of three months can be easily extended, or the vehicle can be bought back before the agreed contract term expires.

So that everything goes as smoothly as possible for you, we advise you to draw up a plan to generate the money in advance so that you can buy the vehicle back as soon as possible and drive it yourself. If you stick to the plan and the necessary money is available to you again, you can contact us. We calculate the amount of the buyback, which is made up of the loan and the agreed interest rate, and we inform you of this before the meeting. So you can get to the pawnshop directly with the necessary means and start the return journey in your car.


The next steps

Are you interested in a fast, flexible and discreet loan without ZEK / Schufa information? Then visit our website today and find out about the options available to you. We would be happy to advise you and look forward to your visit!

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