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The financing alternatives that employees in the public sector can choose from are enriched by the existence of specific loans for civil servants .

However, these have access limits, with mandatory requirements that may limit their use, as in the case of multi-year guaranteed or unsecured Inpdap loans. Both constitute a further alternative to the transfer of the fifth by presenting almost identical characteristics but at much more advantageous conditions. (Also read more about Transfer rates of the fifth ).


Dedicated or accessible to all?

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Undoubtedly, in the case of state employees, both by contacting some “normal” banks or financial companies and those affiliated to guaranteed long-term loans, better conditions are obtained compared to private employees. However, among the most careful banks in reserving special conditions we find Onicredit and Nicelink Bank .

There may be limits for some employment contracts, as in the case of requests for the assignment of a fifth for employees with a fixed-term contract . Here, too, the possibilities are not lacking, but they become much less frequent, which makes it easier to find particularly convenient conditions at times.

Among the financial companies that offer assignment of the fifth to employees with a fixed-term contract we can mention Fiditalia which provides for the only duration limit imposed by that of the existing contract.

Logically, whenever possible, it is always better to choose specific loans, such as the aforementioned small loan and the unsecured multi-year loan , which reserve rates unmatched by any bank or financial institution. The important thing is to be careful to acquire the minimum necessary requirements that make this specific category accessible, given that there is a minimum length of service and contribution to the Unitary Management Fund for credit services.


What requirements are needed?

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Retirees must apply for membership in the Fund with their retirement application, while civil servants can do so at any time. The contribution to the fund must however have started (for pensioners it is 0.15% and for employees 0.35%).

For the small loan, for example for former Ipost employees, a minimum of 2 years of payments to the Fund is envisaged . For multi-year loans, however, it rises to 4 years, which are halved only for the disabled or medaled for military valor or war maimed.

Both can also be requested by fixed-term workers, but for multi-year loans the term contract must be at least 36 months, and the maximum duration of the loan equal to the period that is missing to its term (for example a 5- year contract allows to obtain a duration of 5 years).


How do you request it?

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The process changes according to whether they are ex Ipost or ex Inpdap and according to the type (long-term unsecured, direct or disbursed by banks and financial companies without particular agreements). In the event that the application passes through the INPS (the only ‘contact person’ after the absorption of Ipost and Inpdap), the electronic submission is foreseen .

The simplest procedure for the small loan is through the self-service function of submitting the request on NoiPa using the tax code and password, or the Service Card. However, both on Inps and on NoiPa it is possible to make simulations to evaluate the impact of the installment that should be repaid.

If, on the other hand, you go to banks that have an agreement for long-term loans (those companies that have been authorized on the basis of Article 15 of Presidential Decree 180/50), you must follow the procedures indicated by the banks themselves, returning to a condition very similar to what banks or non-affiliated companies reserve for civil servants. Similar procedures also apply to renewals, without prejudice to the limits imposed by the various regulations.

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