Change car loan – save money – it’s that easy

Switching car loans is easily possible because everyone has the right to redeem their “old loan”. Personal creditworthiness determines which loan offer suits the applicant. The relevant comparison shows all relevant offers. Do not hesitate to apply for the loan of your choice right now. You always submit your application without obligation.

Change car loan – starting point

Change car loan - starting point

People typically want to change their car loan in three cases. Either together with the vehicle change. However, they plan to sell the “still financed” old car privately. The second common reason is the maturity of the closing rate.

Interested parties are either dissatisfied with the follow-up financing or it is not even offered to them. Common reason number three is “large” debt restructuring. Existing loans are to be pooled and refinanced. The vehicle is part of the debt restructuring.

It secures the debt rescheduling loan with its real assets. It thus supports proof of creditworthiness. Switching car loans, regardless of the triggering reason and even with poor creditworthiness, enables the loan comparison.

Car loan with vehicle change

Car loan with vehicle change

Switching car loans is a good opportunity to do so when exchanging vehicles. The dealer is happy to take the old vehicle in payment and replace the existing loan.

Change car loan – with a change of vehicle

At the trade-in, he offsets part of the real value as a down payment on the new vehicle. Basically an easy and quick way, but unfortunately not very cost effective.

Change car loan, let the dealer “spoon out the soup” with end-of-life vehicle and credit settlement, he can pay for himself. Of course not in cash, but in the form of a low purchase price for the end-of-life vehicle.

In addition, by less discount on the purchase price of the new vehicle. The bottom line is that the dealer can quickly earn a few thousand euros. Money that nobody has to spend. After all, a 30 percent discount is realistic for cash payers.

The end-of-life vehicle sold privately also brings a lot more to the bottom line.

Redeem cash payer in the car dealership and old loan

Redeem cash payer in the car dealership and old loan

In the loan comparison, not only is cheaper car loan without a down payment offered for new purchases. Most banks also allow existing debts to flow into the car loan.

Clicking on product details creates clarity in the comparison calculator. The advantages should be:

Debt rescheduling of existing loans and free special repayment allowed.

Switching car loans and saving is then very easy to implement. Simply take the total amount as a car loan. In most cases, the motor vehicle letter may be sent to the bank with a time delay. Now buy the new car as a cash payer, with a statistical reduction of around 30 percent. In addition, of course, replace the old loan. This means that the Astro Finance is ready for private sale within just a few days.

As soon as the end-of-life vehicle is sold, it goes online in no time, only make the special repayment and pay off the rest in small installments. Nobody can save more when buying a car by changing loans.

Refinancing the final installment – loan change

Refinancing the final installment - loan change

Final installment loans are a very simple option if only a small car rate fits into the budget. Incidentally, only the real loss in value is often paid for. Unfortunately, the big end comes with the maturity of the closing rate. In most cases, she was not “saved”.

With a simple final installment loan, the car bank suddenly turns upside down. Despite regular installments, she does not want to grant a follow-up loan. Suddenly, switching car loans, third-party financing of the final installment is the only way out. With a good credit rating, refinancing the final installment is of course not a problem.

Simply select a low-interest loan for the final installment, apply, done. However, debt restructuring is often difficult.

Closing rate problems

Closing rate problems

Refinancing the final installment becomes problematic if only very small current installments have been paid beforehand. Then the closing rate roughly corresponds to the real market value of the car.

Unfortunately, this is far from the mortgage lending value. The difference can only bridge the personal creditworthiness of the applicant. But that’s exactly where the shoe presses. When buying the car, the vehicle value roughly corresponded to the mortgage lending value.

Otherwise there would be no loan agreement, at least if the creditworthiness is poor. Since the rates were then chosen too low, the already scarce reserves were “used up”. Because the mortgage lending value corresponds only to a maximum of 80 percent of the real property value. In principle, however, banks can only grant secure loans.

Tip – easiest problem solving

The easiest solution to the problem is the loan application with 2 people. The joint application enables you to switch car loans and still pay small interest.

Credit security is established by the second solvent borrower. Basically, the bank evaluates the common credit rating.

This means that the loan, as required by law, is secure.

Relieve tight budgetary budget – debt restructuring

Many good reasons can cause “ebb” in the household budget. If the condition of a tight household budget is not the exception, it means saving costs.

In other words, the rate load has to go down. Switching the car loan is almost always inevitable.

After all, in many families the auto rate is one of the “big breaks” in monthly installments. If the credit rating is probably not quite as good, it will be difficult to find a suitable partner in the credit comparison. Banks quickly reject debt restructuring in a difficult situation. Switching car loans and debt rescheduling from private loans depresses the rate burden, but the costs increase.

Cream Bank offers the right way out of the dilemma.

Change car loan – Cream Bank

Change car loan - Cream Bank

Basically, the way to find the right debt rescheduling loan is easy to find. Select only the “felt right” offer. Click on “continue” and follow the application route. The loan application is not sent directly to the bank, but to Cream Bank for preliminary verification. The portal’s credit professionals check the loan request under real conditions. With a neutral credit bureau query and all the trimmings.

The immediate approval is given together with realistic suggestions. The optimal way to switch car loans and to finance them individually is thus certain. Cream Bank even guarantees loans. If the company is actually wrong with its proposals, Cream Bank pays “compensation for pain and suffering”.

Summary – change of car loan

Summary - change of car loan

Switching car loans is an issue when changing vehicles, when the final installment is due and in the case of general debt restructuring. Not always choosing the convenient way usually pays off.

When changing loans with a vehicle change, the trade-in does not save the most money. It is more economical to buy the new car as a cash payer, but to sell the old vehicle privately. Cream Bank offers suitable solutions for all credit requests related to car loans. Both the high closing rate can easily be broken down into small installments.

Cream Bank also actively helps to find the right loan solution in individual cases. Using Cream Bank’s loan comparison, changing car loans is practically child’s play and safe.


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